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Consumer Sentinel Network: Law enforcement's source for consumer complaints

Organization Registration

Introduction to New Organization Registration

These instructions will explain how your law enforcement organization can become a Consumer Sentinel Network member. Click here to see your Consumer Sentinel Network pre-registration checklist.

Your organization may already be a Sentinel member. Click here to see if your organization appears on the list of current Sentinel members. If it does, you can submit a user application found here. If not, you will need to register your organization, completing the six steps below in one session on your work computer. To return to previous pages to correct your data, use the Previous button on the bottom left of the screen. Please avoid use of the browser's Back and Forward buttons. Please read the following steps carefully and ensure you have all required materials before proceeding.

Step 1: Verify that your organization has appropriate law enforcement authority by answering a few basic questions about your organization’s functions.

Step 2: Provide the email domain name for your organization.

Step 3: Provide your organization contact information. This includes contact information for you, your Approving Authority, and your Organization Administrator. You must also provide your organization’s static range of IP addresses.

Step 4: Provide the names and contact details of your users who will access the Consumer Sentinel Network.

Step 5: Read the full Consumer Sentinel Network Confidentiality and Data Security Agreement, an agreement between your organization and the Federal Trade Commission. We will email a copy of the Confidentiality and Data Security Agreement to the Approving Authority.

Step 6: Have your organization's Approving Authority (generally the manager of the division or agency applying for membership) sign the agreement. Email the signed agreement to the Consumer Sentinel Network support at Upon approval, you will receive an email and the Organization Administrator will receive an email with the organization passcode.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 877-701-9595 or by email at .

Provided by the Federal Trade Commission