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Consumer Sentinel Network: Law enforcement's source for consumer complaints

Welcome to the Consumer Sentinel Network!

The Consumer Sentinel Network is an investigative cyber tool and complaint database, restricted to law enforcement use, that provides civil and criminal enforcement organizations immediate and secure access to identity theft, internet, telemarketing (including do not call), and other consumer related complaints. This site, brought to you by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is available only to members of law enforcement organizations that have entered into a confidentiality and data security agreement with the FTC.

Members Can Use the Consumer Sentinel Network to:

  • Search millions of consumer complaints submitted to the FTC and a host of other organizations, including many Better Business Bureaus, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, the National Consumers League, the Identity Theft Assistance Center and Canada’s PhoneBusters;
  • Report complaints so they can be shared with law enforcement officials across the U.S. and around the world;
  • Learn how U.S., Canadian, and Australian law enforcers work together with private sector companies and consumer organizations to combat fraud, identity theft, and other consumer protection complaints;
  • See trends and the types of complaints consumers file.

Law Enforcement Organization Application

Prior to obtaining access to the Consumer Sentinel Network, each law enforcement organization must register and enter into a confidentiality and data security agreement with the FTC. To submit an application for your organization to access the Consumer Sentinel Network, click here.

Individual User Application

After a law enforcement organization gains access to the Consumer Sentinel Network, each individual user must register and obtain a user ID and password. If your organization already has access rights and you need to apply for a Sentinel user ID, click here.

Provided by the Federal Trade Commission